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You have just purchased a Ludovica Andrina jewel.

The Ludovica Andrina‘s jewels are meticulously handcrafted in her laboratory in Turin with the made in Italy recognized for its excellence.

Each jewel is made of 925ºº silver and covered with 24 karats gold depending on the model.

Your Ludovica Andrina jewel is guaranteed 2 year from the date of purchase and covers only any manufacturing defects.

Keep carefully.this certificate of authenticity as well as the invoice accompanying it.


The warranty only covers manufacturing and technical defects.
To keep the jewelry as long as possible in a bright state, avoid any contact with water, chemicals, perfumes, lotions, sulfur, chlorine and hair spray because these products can affect the appearance of the jewelry. The longevity of the jewels will also depend
on the natural factor of the skin: acid ph.

It is not advisable to use them while washing your hands, while you sleep, in the pool, in the spas or on the beach and when playing sports.
The gold patina tends to disappear over time, but the speed with which it disappears depends on how the jewel is used.

Oxidation is a natural phenomenon that can be accentuated depending on the acidity of the skin and its use. The patina is the result of natural wear and must therefore be considered perfectly normal. The oxidation depends on the skin and the maintenance habits of the person wearing the jewel. Oxidation is not to be considered as a manufacturing defect.
If the gold-plated jewel loses its luster, it can be made gold again. This service will be guaranteed and free in the first month following the date of purchase if the warranty conditions have been followed.
After this term, a quote will be proposed.
Personalized jewels are not replaced unless for reasons of production defects.
The fineness of the chains requires a very delicate treatment of the jewel.
Breaking the chain is not guaranteed and requires skills that will determine a possible manufacturing defect.

Natural stones are not guaranteed by the mark in the event of breakage.
The guarantee does not cover damage to Ludovica Andrina brand products due to accidents, wear, improper use, modifications, if they are attempted to be repaired, or if they are neglected after purchase.
For any claim after purchase, an assessment will be made if the warranty can cover or not. In the case of non-guaranteed, an estimate of repair costs on request will be proposed.

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