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Who sets website cookies?

The cookies of this website are defined by BARABABAC of LUDOVICA ANDRINA. Some cookies are placed by third parties selected by us as suppliers. (ie, third-party cookies). Below you can find the complete list of selected third parties.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that the internet browser creates on the user’s device. In other words, it is what one might call an “identity card”. The cookie’s job is to tell the site that the user has returned. By storing browser settings, login information and device information, the user is shown an optimized website to be more useful to him.

Why do we use cookies?

Sometimes we put cookies on your device to make the LUDOVICA ANDRINA website work properly.

We use the following types of cookies: 
– Strictly necessary cookies (ie technical cookies, including functional cookies): they are used exclusively to send session identifiers (random codes generated by the server) necessary to ensure safe and efficient navigation. These cookies are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and are deleted when the browser is closed. In particular, the use of the cookie session is aimed at ensuring security and improving the service offered.
– Profiling cookies (ie performance cookies): they are used to track the user’s web browsing and create profiles on his or her tastes, behaviors, choices, etc. These cookies allow the transmission of online advertisements to the user’s device with the preferences that the user has already expressed during navigation. In accordance with applicable laws, the use of these cookies and any related processing requires the prior consent of the user. Disabling these third-party cookies does not prevent the use of the website;
– Analytical cookies: we use analytical cookies to analyze the way our website is used (including its IP address). Disabling these third-party cookies does not prevent the use of the website; and 
– Marketing cookies: this category includes cookies used to provide advertising services on certain sites. Disabling these third-party cookies does not prevent the use of the website.

We also use cookies to remember the user’s choices, such as: 
– Language and Country; 
– If you are not logged in to the Newsletter; 
– Browser settings and plug-ins; and to 
– Store information on the use of our website.

What is the utility for the user?

By storing user settings, for example, we should not ask him to select his country every time he visits our site. User settings also tell us which device is using. In this way we can adapt the site to offer the user the best experience. To further optimize the experience, we collect data on the activity and use of the site by the user.

How to avoid and / or delete cookies?

You can change your browser settings so as not to accept cookies, or delete cookies from the device. In this case it will still be possible to visit our site, but the user experience may not be optimal, and some features may not be available.

Most browsers allow you to browse in “private” mode, in which cookies are deleted after each visit.

Depending on the browser in use, this setting has a different name; below are the most common browsers and their “private” mode: 
– Internet Explorer 8 and later versions; InPrivate 
– Firefox 3.5 and later; Anonymous browsing 
– Google Chrome 10 and later; Incognito 
– Safari 2 and later versions; Private browsing 
– Opera 10.5 and later versions; Private browsing.

For more information on how to set the “private” mode or how to delete cookies, see the respective section in the browser guide. Below you can find links to instructions on how to disable cookies in the most common browsers:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Apple Safari

For more information about your rights and how they can be exercised see our Privacy Policy.

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