The rings of the Marine collection are created so that every woman can personalize it thanks to precious diamonds

The customization of each Marine jewel brings to life a jewelery creation imagined to make you unique



In love with the Italian Ligurian coast, the decor of my holidays, I decided to make these memories eternal in a collection that breathes summer.

I use stones of different colors such as pink and blue sapphires to relive the sensation of diving into the sea at sunset and the gray and black diamonds in memories of ligurian evenings so elegant and bright.

You can customize and compose your rings according to your wishes 



The delicacy and the minimalism are the characteristics of Turin, the origin of the inspiration of this collection. Clean lines, linear and delicate but with a strong modern impact

Turin is a royal and modern city, which secretly reveals an enthusiasm characterized by the modernity of young artists who live there 

he craftsmen work freely and thanks to their rooted roots. The jewels of the Torino collection represent this art


I found myself drawing this collection after thinking at length about the life I define as a circle: the circle is a line that is closing and welcoming those whom we have the pleasure of letting into our world

As a distinct line of each of these jewels, the circle often becomes double as our lives unite with other lives to never leave each other: love



The name Rita reminds me of my childhood, This name was obvious to represent this collection. Rita is strong, radiant and so feminine. I take every day example on this woman so inspiring 

The creations of these jewels is a tribute to the Woman, characterizes by a collection entirely handmade by master goldsmiths of my Italian workshop 

The contemporary style of these little jewels 
is the marriage of my roots with the legacy of the old jeweler's