The story of a woman destined to the nobility of handcrafts.

Ludovica was born in Turin, the city of the thousand mansions which is known for its refined architecture and its gastronomic chocolate.

As a child, she spent her time in the local antique markets and reading fashion magazines. She learned to imagine and to inspire herself starting from everyday life details or memories. Fascinated by her grandmother’s hands, Ludovica manufactured “rings for every finger, and a heap of bracelets”: the tradition became a passion.

As a student, Ludovica carried on her creations while attending Art History at the University of Turin and she improved her passion for fashion accessories following specialized courses in Milan. After a first employment in the pret-à-porter, Ludovica decided to open her own workshop: the passion became a work.

Professionally, Ludovica followed in her grandfather’s tracks, he worked with the gold workshops of Valenza City. In 2013 she threw herself into the search of stones with the most beautiful details (silver, enamels, natural stones): the work became an enterprise.

As enterprise creator, Ludovica introduced her creations to the world through the most prestigious showrooms (Vicenza Oro, White Milano, Premiere Class). She was involved in all the strategy, from inspiration to management: the enterprise focused on accessories of pure jewelry.

As artistic manager, Ludovica imagined rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, exclusive pieces realized by the hands of skilled Italian goldsmiths. The keywords of her creations are refinement, elegance, minimalism, femininity, originality, oneness, harmony: the accessories of contemporary jewelry returned to the tradition.
“My creations go beyond the idea of classical and pretty jewels, expressing their exclusive feature, accentuated and underlined by a rock soul and by their own simple lines. I feel really happy when the details of my collections attract the attention of those who love the luxury and the precious value not loud neither displayed nor easily recognizable”.