About me


The young Piedmont designer Ludovica Andrina presents to us a world in which elements of the past meet the unsoiled elegance of the present.

Distinguished by her vivacious creativity, her refined and attentive taste and her authentic goldsmith’s passion, Ludovica began as a refined jewellery creator, excelling still further through ever more profound study and research. In just a few years she attained to such great heights as White during Milan fashion week, again reaching prominence at the prestigious goldsmith’s art show Vicenza Oro as well as at the Premiere Classe Paris with its international influence within the industry.


By so doing, Ludovica Andrina’s trademark has been displayed in prestigious jewellery stores in Italy and Japan, making it recently to New York too whist being sold online on prestigious e-commerce sites.

Ludovica’s creations revolve around the elegance and complexity of watch mechanisms. Minute inner workings, silvers and enamels: all are grounded on refined harmony, in rings, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks, thus acquiring the refinement of high jewellery as they confer class and exclusivity to an attentive clientele in search of the particular and the unique.

“My creations dismantle the idea of the classic, flattering jewel, so allowing for the expression of a uniqueness that is accentuated and emphasized by a rock soul and by clean, simple lines.
I am happy when the details of my collections capture the exacting gaze of those who love things luxurious and precious as being neither loud nor ostentatious nor easily recognizable”.

Each collection arises from the profound desire to be able to wear a unique jewel that can simultaneously be both female and male.
The Promenade line amalgamates the preciousness of 925 silver in minute twentieth century watch mechanisms, vitrified with enamels that set composition harmony, lending life to ever more unique creations.

Crafted by skilled Italian goldsmiths, the jewels are all unique, handmade pieces.