A strong artistic sense and visual memory make up Ludovica’s artistic baggage. The origins can be tracked in her passion for antique markets where, wondering around with her mother, she could capture every detail that could raise emotions thanks to her camera always at hand.

The female part of her family, the strong roots that fascinated Ludovica throughout her childhood, inspired her: fascinated by her grandmother’s hands, she began to create fashion, at first, with her imagination.

Ludovica's passion for fashion and jewelry goes back to her childhood and her innate sense for beautiful things and new ideas has always been cultivated through reading and collecting fashion magazines that allowed her to learn and store ideas and images.


As a student of History of Art in Turin, Ludovica continued to create and develop her passion for fashion accessories attending jewelry courses in Milan.

After a first job in the prêt-à-porter, Ludovica decided to live out of her passion and make it a tangible job; creating rings, her first pieces of jewelry, was natural for her since images were strongly rooted in her and her creativity is focuses on peoples’ hands.

Ludovica professionally followed her grandfather footsteps as a merchant and began to work in a shop in close collaboration with Valenza goldsmiths thus opening her own atelier where her craftsmanship became a Maison.


Ludovica became a creative entrepreneur and artistic director who works side by side with trusted goldsmiths in her Atelier in Turin.

Here, she introduced her first creations to the world in the most prestigious professional salons, first in Italy at White Milano and Vicenza Oro and then in Paris at the Première Classe Tuileries, during Paris fashion week.

Getting inspired and taking care of all the strategy and creativity, she transforms her brand in a reality, creating accessories of pure fashion jewelry and giving birth to the Maison Ludovica Andrina.


Ludovica imagines rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces as unique customizable items that are later realized by the hands of expert Italian goldsmiths working in her atelier in Turin.

The key words of her creations are refinement, elegance, minimalism, femininity, originality, uniqueness and harmony: the accessories of contemporary jewelry return to the creative tradition of the handmade.



“I love my job and my creations defeat the conceived ideas that people have about classic and precious jewelry, by letting the clients express their uniqueness having the chance of customizing many details together with the goldsmiths.

I'm happy when the details of my collections capture the attentive gaze of those who love luxury and bespoke items, always classy and highly recognizable while relying on me to reproduce something precious and uniqu”